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About Personal Loan

A personal loan is one type of unsecured loan and it is provided to salaried individuals. Such loans are provided to individuals on the basis of criteria like a person's income, employment history, credit scores, the scope of repayment of loans. Since it is a personal loan, therefore, it does not require any collateral. A personal loan helps the borrower to meet a number of expenses.

If you are contemplating on availing loan from then the procedure for applying loan is simple. Such loan is used to finance expenses on travel, medical emergency, marriage, education, home renovation. The eligibility of personal loans is judged on a number of factors including monthly salary, credit score, the capacity of repayment, employment history.

If you are applying for a personal loan online then you can use the EMI calculator as well as the personal loan eligibility calculator in order to comprehend the EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) that is payable through the tenure of the loan and also the borrower’s ability to apply for the loan.

The Purpose of Personal Loans

At the borrower can apply for a personal loan if you are a salaried professional. The personal loans are collateral free and they are used for many purposes and they are given as follows:-

  • Such loans are used to pay off debts, pay off soft loans, bills..
  • Such loans are used to purchase electronics, gadgets like smartphones, iPhones, laptops as well as computers.
  • The personal loan is used to spend on travel trips, holiday tours, vacation getaways.
  • Such loans are also used to fund home repairs and home renovations.
  • Such loans are used to pay for events like engagement, wedding.
  • It is used to fund education as well as medical expenses.
  • Personal loans are often taken to fund advertisement costs, costs for business activities, equipment.
  • If you do not have adequate cash in hand then the personal loans help you to fund important expenses. Availing such loans online involves less documentation, they involve prompt processing time.

Things to Consider Prior Applying for a Personal loan

Following are the things that you require considering while applying for a personal loan:-

  • If you are pondering on applying for a personal loan then you require to understand the number of funds you require to borrow. It is advised that as a borrower you borrow only that much which you require.
  • The website of provides you the option to comprehend the interest rate, terms of tenure, loan amount or other benefits.
  • Prior to applying for a loan, it is important that you check the credit report or the CBIL score. If you have a good credit score then you can secure the funds promptly.
  • Prior to applying for a loan, it is important that you understand the charges that are involved in availing a loan online. There are many financial institutions that offer potential borrowers unsecured loans at zero processing fees. There are other financial institutions which may incur some charges.

To get the best online personal loan it is recommended that you go through the terms and conditions for availing loans.